Our Experience, Your Vision
For over 135 years, the experienced team at Rothan Millwork has been producing high quality architectural pieces. Our experienced team can design and fabricate a vast array of architectural pieces, blending old world craftsmanship with advanced technology. And with over 250 years of combined experience, the Rothan team can design, estimate, fabricate, and deliver almost anything our customers request.

Our team of dedicated employees is undoubtedly our most vital asset. Throughout the years we have employed hundreds of talented men and women. Each one has left a unique mark on our organization and the pieces we produce. Without them we would not have developed the excellent reputation for high quality woodwork for which we are known today.

At Rothan’s we strongly encourage teamwork, diversity, creativity, and hard work. In turn, these are the same qualities that have been re-invested by our employees making us a much stronger organization.

Over half of our employees have been with us for over 10 years or more. They have worked with and learned from each other, making Rothan Millwork what it is today. This gives us a unique wealth of experience and knowledge with which to grow our organization. Building on that expertise, Rothan’s has developed an excellent core of young talent that will carry us well into the future.

The diversity of our projects, as well as our employees, fosters camaraderie and learning. Because we are able to produce so many different products, our employees enjoy the benefit of cross training both in and out of their respective departments. We feel this is extremely important to the culture of our company and enhances our employees’ daily work experience. Within their department, a carpenter may start the day operating table saw cutting material and end the day in the finishing room hand wiping a beautiful stain. They may assemble cabinets before lunch and work on a complex reception desk after lunch. Cross training across departments allows employees to see a project from many different points of view. Carpenters work with designers and draftsmen on a custom media center; project managers work with administrators formulating documents; and estimators may work with executive management on job costing. Each person is able to contribute their expertise. Each team member can express their ideas.

The result of all this interaction is greater creativity. We empower our employees to problem solve on their own, but more importantly as part of the team. Sharing experiences allows us to “build a better cabinet”. It allows Rothan Millwork to keep a fresh perspective. Creativity may come in the form of finding a better way to perform an everyday task such as shipping materials. Or it may be realized out of a unique solution to a complex problem such as an angled front on a reception desk.

Rothan’s has the unique opportunity to work in an industry where creativity and problem solving are an essential part of our daily work. Please take a look at some of the pictures in our gallery to see what our expert team of employees has brought to life.

Become Part of the Rothan Team
Interested in becoming part of the Rothan Team? We are always excited about meeting new and energetic people. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us via phone, email or fax to see about our current job offerings. Or, if you are in the neighborhood, just stop into our office to say hello.
Who we employ:
CNC Operators
Shipping/Receiving Technicians
Project Managers
Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
Questions to ask yourself:
Do you have an admiration for quality woodworking as a hobby or a profession?
Do you enjoy building things?
Are you interested in architectural design?
Are you interested in finding an outlet for your creativity?
Do you have a desire to be challenged daily?
Would you like to work in an ever changing environment?
Contact Us for more information regarding our skills or for possible employment opportunities.