Tool of the Trade
Rothan Millwork incorporates the use of advanced technology and machinery in many of our products. The use of industry leading CAD software, as well as our CNC router, allows us to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in our processes and products.

Are you an architect, designer or decorator looking to design a millwork product? Are you a cabinet or furniture manufacturer in need of component parts? Are you in need of a template for an invention, a form or frame for your artwork? Rothan will help you bring your ideas to life.
CAD Drafting
CNC Machining
CAD Drafting and Design

Rothan Millwork has the ability to help you design and fabricate architectural millwork products to your specifications using state of the art CAD software.

First, we work with you on your initial designs. These could come from an idea, a dream or a sketch on one of those world renowned cocktail napkins. From there, our team of experienced designers and draftsmen will develop a CAD technical drawing for your review. Using CAD drafting technology allows your organization to “virtually” design your product. Products can be drawn at full scale, and are easily modified. Your product is carefully reviewed by both your organization and our team. This review process is essential because we are able to implement modifications or additional features into your products before incurring any production costs, saving you time and money. After the final revisions have been made, Rothan’s experienced craftsmen will help produce your creation using a vast array of materials and tooling such as our state of the art CNC router.

Click on the links below to see some samples of Technical Drawings created for clients.

CNC Machining
Rothan Millwork incorporates CNC machining technology into many of the products and services that we provide. CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) technology offers our customers greater flexibility and precision in a more efficient and cost effective package. Working hand-in-hand with our drafting design team, Rothan’s CNC division will quickly and accurately machine the precision parts needed based on your specifications.

Are you looking for custom architectural paneling systems with matching grains? Do you need a curved desk for your receptionist, one of a kind built-in book case for the library, or intricate audio/visual cabinet to accommodate all your equipment? Are you in need of a radius template or form to assist your construction project? Rothan can machine all these and more with our state of the art CNC router.

Our CNC department can machine a wide selection of products in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials; for both commercial and private applications. We commonly produce items such as architectural panels, custom cabinetry, commercial and residential fixtures, countertops, custom trim and mouldings, cabinet parts, signage, engravings, inlays templates, and forms. The pieces may be as simple as a square or rectangle. Or, they may be more advanced with complex angles, curves, arcs and ellipses. They may have special holes, cutouts, or other features such as a beveled edge and custom lettering.

To make your products come to life we work with materials such as solid wood, wood paneling, composite wood, solid surface, plastic and metal. As you can see, the possibilities are amazing.
And even though this list is small, the advantages go on and on. Interested in seeing how we can help you? Then Contact Us today to make your ideas come to life.
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